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  • We belive in CHIPP
  • We live for a Challenge
  • We embrace our Minority Foundation

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Promoting a safe, inclusive, and respectful culture.

best free online casino gamesAsk any Smoot employee what C.H.I.P.P. stands for, and you’ll hear back in approximately 2.3-seconds: Character, Humility, Integrity, Pride, & Performance.

Every company attaches ‘values’ to their story, but at Smoot, the fabric of C.H.I.P.P. is introduced day-1 to every employee and is a daily filter Best online casinos 2024for every action, decision and hire that we take.

Every single employee knows it by heart – because it is legitimately at the heart of every project.

We live for a challenge.

In 1998, we had no experience building a casino.
A new client gave us a shot – and we’ve now built six.

In 2001, we had no experience building a professional Best casino games onlinesports arena. A new client gave us a shot – and we’ve now built four.

We’ve built small, midsize, large, and the most massive of projects over the last 77 years. Every one is a challenge.

And we have found that the greater the challenge – the greater the joy.

We embrace our Minority Foundation.

We are not a minority construction company. We are an accomplished Best online casinos 2024and trusted construction company who was founded and is still led today by a group of leaders who happen to be minorities.

We are proud of our history, however — and the significant divides that needed to be crossed to get us to where we are today.

When you have to work harder than everyone else, you can’t help but grow Best online casinocharacter, hard-work-substance, and an incredible will that shuns failure.

Columbus - HQ

1907 Leonard Ave.

Columbus, OH 43219


2001 West 18th Street

Indianapolis, IN 46202

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